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This custom made top post negative battery cable comes with a top quality tin plated copper top post negative connector, double crimped on one end and then you choose the length of the cable as well as your choice of an optional ring terminal available in various sizes, on the opposite end.
Your choose your wire length (which is from connector hole center to connector hole center) and connectors from the options located near purchase buttons. The lug choices are 1/4, 5/16 or 3/8 with adhesive heat shrink tubing applied matching your wire color choice. The heat shrink has a meltable glue lining to help seal your cable from air and moisture. The copper connectors and wire all feature a tin electro-plating which is resistant to the types of corrosion you'll typically see on bare copper wire and ring terminals.
If you need something special with regard to the length or lugs outside the available options please send us a message and we may be able to help you out.  
Introducing our multi-rated, multi-purpose, flexible, real copper battery cable. This wire has multiple approvals for use in many electrical installation making it a very unique cable. From the pure electrolytic copper stranding to the durable yet flexible insulation, this cable has been designed to impress. 
Our UL listed battery cable carries ratings allowing it to be used as marine battery cable listed as UL1426 Boat Cable which maintains a BC-5W2 temperature rating of 105C dry and 75C wet. This wire can be continuously submerged in water with no issues. This fine battery cable exceeds the requirements of ABYC and the USCG (US Coast Guard) for installation on boats.
The copper conductor features stranding which is tin plated to resist corrosion. Flexible Type III, Class K stranding is designed to absorb vibration found in motive environments such as automotive and marine thus protecting the cable from premature failure.
Meets all applicable boat wiring regulations from ABYC and US Cost Guard for use on boats
Rated 600 Volts Max with 105C Dry and 75C Wet (BC-5W2) temperature ratings and will remain flexible in extreme cold weather
Tin Plated Pure Copper Flexible Stranding for extra corrosion resistance
Jacket and insulation are resistant to oil, gas, fungus, salt water, battery acid, heat, abrasion and sunlight
Is ROHS Compliant
MADE IN THE USA!!! Battery Cable Specifications:
Wire Size     Nominal     Stranding     Weight     Amp Rating
AWG)        O.D. (Inch)     Count        LBS/FT    Continuous*
8                   0.249         168            0 .070             80
6                   0.324         266            0.114             120
4                   0.386         420            0.164             160
2                   0.437         665            0.251             210
1                   0.518         836            0.333             245
1/0                 0.563         1064          0.403            285
2/0                 0.615         1330          0.500            330
3/0                 0.670         1672          0.614            385
4/0                 0.740         2109          0.765            445
Per ABYC/USCG (Inside of engine space de-rate amps by 15% due to extra heat)
Final pointers on lug sizing....most threaded stud batteries will have either a 5/16 or 3/8 inch stud. Most of the time the negative will be 5/16 so if the positive is the same size it is also 5/16, but if your battery stud is larger on the positive it will most likely be a 3/8.  There are exceptions to the rule so please contact the manufacturer or measure. You can search online for bolt sizing tables which will help. 
Actual Current Rating (Amperes): 210 A
Brand: Battery Cables USA
Conductor Material: Copper
Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
Length Type: Various
Nominal Current Rating (Amperes): 210 A
Sheath Color: Black
Structural Build: Flexible
Type: Extra Flexible Battery Cable
Wire Gauge (AWG): 2
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